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I am a Stay @ Home Mom of three kids. Josh is Co Owner/Operator of Intense Visions. We have 2 biggs ages 16 and 12 and a little aged 3. I am always trying to be creative and find ways to save money or just express myself in some fashion. I didn’t take on this creative side until after our Toddler was born. It was then that I started breastfeeding, making baby food, and cloth diapering. (This is not the norm for who I am) I started then sewing my own inserts for our cloth diapers. It saved us so much money and they worked like a dream. This isn’t something I thought I could sell because the sewing wasn’t perfect and I just wanted to make our lives easier. Plus not having an income I wanted to try in anyway to alleviate some of the financial pressure from Josh. I then started knitting hats and scarfs. It was just to give Christmas presents and just feel good. I also made scarfs and purses and just didn’t feel like these were marketable items. 3 years later and I am living in Florida with my family and we are spending a lot of time at the beaches and parks, plus having 2 biggs that are involved in sports means that we are on the go that much more… Last year our son was playing football and we would be at those games for a good 3-4 hours… It was difficult to say the least, and our daughter is a member of the Raider team and those meets are an all day event as well. Most of the time they take place in wooded areas without seating and you are moving from one event to the other. It’s takes a little creativity to find a good snacking place anywhere that’s not home. #thestruggleisreal When we attend these events (which is all the time) it feels like we are taking everything that we own… We try and get creative so that we have the least amount of stuff to carry as possible.

if only there was an awesome table that I could take with me and it be easily portable and be easy to set up… This has crossed my mind multiple times, but after searching and searching nothing… They do have tables that fold down, but they are more designed for adults and they don’t seem to be made to with stand a cup or a toddler and there amazing way to be so clumsy. This thought kind of went out of my mind after some time or so I thought until I had this dream that started me/us on this crazy frenzy to create something that parents and kids all over can benefit from.

Everyone has had a hand in helping to bring this “dream” to reality… Our toddler of coarse because it was thought of for him… Our daughter has helped with the name and logo, and our middle son has helped with cutting cloth for straps and keeping the little entertained. Josh ┬áhas really been such a huge contributor… I mean really if it weren’t for his awesome ideas to put the whole thing together it would still just be an idea in my head. It has been absolutely beautiful to just experience everyone pitching in and this becoming a reality. The best part is when Chandler is sitting at his table eating or playing and we look at it and think… Did we really make this?? Did we create this?

Most importantly I have to give credit to the Big Man up stairs. God, because without his strength and our faith we wouldn’t have made it this far… There are days when we think, “are we sure this is the leap that we are supposed to be taking because it really is a lot of work and time and money… Then we are reassured that this is the journey that we are on and where he wants us.

If someone would have said to us even a month ago that we would have a table business on the brink of happening we would have laughed! There is no way we could have even dreamed that this would be happening. (Well actually the thought did come from a dream).

Excited! Thankful! Nervous! and everything in between are feelings that we have.

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