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It’s really surreal to think that this is an idea that came to me in a dream and even more strange to think that we brought it to life. I am just absolutely Amazed! It’s been fun and a little defeating at the same time. We are really wanting to get them manufactured, but it’s been a little hard. With this being a brand new product; there is a lot more that goes into the manufacturing and it’s a pretty good price tag. We have been told from 2 different companies that it will be at least 15 grand. We are in the process of getting stuff together for a “Kick Starter Page” it takes a little time, but we are staying positive and just really embracing this product because it really has made our lives easier. “Tables 4 Tots Making Life A Little Easier” 🙂 I will keep everyone posted about the page and until then we do have some in stock.


It’s been a little over 2 months since we made our first prototype. We have done 2 craft shows, and we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feed back with the tables. For me I have to say that these tables have made our lives so much easier! It has really become a staple in our house! In fact as I sit here and type this I am using a table4Tots table. There are times where I will take the legs off the table and just put the top on the couch beside Chan and put his “coffee” on it. 🙂

15179081_10209582277906996_167146857300662446_n 15171269_10209582289787293_8474698014461951523_n

Chandler loves his table! He uses it for breakfast/lunch/dinner most the time. He also loves to sit on the floor and watch his tablet on it with his little snack cup. He will use it for “crafting” this is coloring on his white board, cutting construction paper, and we play the matching game on it too. We take it to the park, church, beach, Raider meets, and really anywhere that we go.

14590408_552275578301289_8358817375398048376_n 14573014_558959687632878_1949537198614601322_n

We had a bonfire the other night and had friends over and used a couple tables to put the marshmallows and toppings on. It worked perfect and make it nice to not have to hold everything.

15085461_10209516398580054_2778571462336603354_n 15073517_10209516397380024_7261217931626502176_n

Our big Kids use it at the beach for music, they also use it sometimes for homework. The tables do hold 10 lbs comfortably and they are sturdy.

beach_table table_w_weight

I use it daily for when Chan has his friend over! We take it everywhere and I love when friends send us pictures of them using them. We have done 2 craft shows and the positive feed back has been huge!! We have had some sales and I just couldn’t be more excited to know that these tables are in so many different places! There tables 4 tots all the way in Indiana, Colorado, Florida! That’s really exciting and to know that we have had them actually available for purchase for about a month. It’s absolutely heart warming!!

14910575_10209477883377198_6116086783826239120_n 14906827_10209420077092077_812310258692047981_n 15078975_10209530052441392_8086609395244931302_n 14947590_10209420076852071_2049335119087950770_n 15078908_1415186748509925_7835035712722454859_n 14720335_555722887956558_6347495915574887350_n 15078848_10209575112007853_3499204707320791576_n


Feel free to share! I just want to thank everyone for your support!!

Also, if you have a Table4Tots Table feel free to post pictures on tables4tots facebook page!!


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