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We are just shy of three weeks in at this point. Our family room that was being used as our at home gym has now turned into an assembly line if you will. We have 6 circle laundry baskets lined, a sewing machine in the corner, along with a few boxes and a table full of different odds and ends. We have completed 9 tables thus far. They are all turning out so cute and just really are fun to create. The more we make the easier it’s getting. It’s still a lot of work, but we are just excited for people to start using our product and for it to add a sense of easy to every day life.


We use our #tables4tots all the time. Chan uses it here at home for playing on or just watching his tablet, and he also likes to eat on it. We actually took it to Church with us yesterday and he was able to sit down with it put his trains, snacks and his cup on his own table. It made my life so much easier because I wasn’t stuck holding everything or setting it on the floor in front of me so worried that I might kick it over. It was a #win for us. Plus he felt so cool using it. We use the tables at the beach for holding phones and speakers- They really can be used for anything.

The biggest problem with the tables is that they take a long time to make- We have looked into manufacturing, but it has been difficult because of the fact that they are in a league all there own. There really isn’t anything in the market like them. It has been a little difficult figuring out the best way to market and finding an easier way to create them.

Creating the tables has been such an awesome experience! I mean to have a dream about something and see it come to life has been absolutely beautiful. The fact that the kids had a hand in helping to bring this dream to reality made it that much better. Chandler is now 4 and we are still using the tables religiously- He uses it for most meals as does our 13 year old. We use the tables for craft time as well. They work perfect for playing with play doh and coloring. They make it so nice to have a picnic. We are able to put down a blanket and then keep the food off the ground. Plus gives the perfect spot to sit down. They work great for sporting events and back yard barbques. They are light weight and fold up perfectly.

Any questions for comments feel free to message or email. We are happy to hear from you.


Thank you for your support!


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